How lucky is Ray to have a Grandfather who shows him so many exciting marvels of life! In many ways Grandpa reminds me of my own Grandfather and i can see that my nephew has exactly this kind of a relationship with his grandfather too! I read the story out to my nephews and both of them enjoyed the story and the rhyme! My nephew immediately shared it with his grand dad too! I think this idea is so precious, as precious as the relationship each of us has with our grand dads!

As a preschool and foundational reading programmer, this book is good for children to imagine. They learn new vocabulary and that is one thing I liked about the book – it does not ‘dumb it down.’

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Archana Dange – Founder, Anand Deep Enterprises and Co- Founder, Helen ‘O Grady International Preschool

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Asvath Prabagar

My kids loved the thoughts incorporated in “The Adventures of Grandpa & Ray”…. simple, eloquent & powerful… so beautifully penned! Amazing illustrations!

Highly recommended!

Dr. Lopamudra Das Roy, Founder, Breast Cancer Hub

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Janice, TV Personality

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