The Red Maple Tree

In my backyard 

A  maple tree

Blazes red, her allure unparalleled 

She stands tall 

When at her vibrant best

She gently lets go

Of her leaves, that once made her glow

the ones she has nurtured

And seen grow.

She does it with grace. 

One by one they abandon

the embrace of her arm

And twirl and swirl 

In the autumn breeze

they waver, sometimes drift 

blinded by the morning mist 

and they reach the ground. 

Yet she stands unwavering 

Bare, still bewitching 

Her limbs shimmering 

As the snow settles on her, slow. 

She has wizened to the 

rhythm of nature long long ago. 

Soon will come the time for my children 

to leave

I pray I can let go 

with ease. 

Just like the red maple tree

In my backyard. 


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