From the eyes of a child

Mommy!!! Daddy!!!

It’s late in the night,

Please stop screaming,

Please don’t fight.


My  body is trembling,

I am terrified so,

I feel  like I am sinking,

Into an abyss below.


All I want for you to do,

Is hold me in your arms,

Tell me a funny story,

Or sing me a song.


I know you both love me,

And want for me what’s best,

Yet when you fight like you do,

It brings out the worst in me instead.



Mom ,I know you are tired,

From driving me all day,

From school to swimming

To Art and ballet.


Dad ,I know you are tired ,

From working extra hours,

To buy me the latest gadgets,

And Mom a brand new car.


But ,Mommy all I wanted

Was to be with you all day.

Read a book, paint a picture

Or just sit down and play.


And Daddy I ‘ll  be just as happy

Without the new toys,

Crayons and a ball,

Would bring me just as much joy.


So tomorrow come home early,

Let’s all go to park,

Where I can run around freely,

Until it’s after dark.


Then together we’ll have dinner,

On a table set right,

I promise I’ll eat my vegetables,

And will not waste a bite.


Now don’t fight Mommy and Daddy

Let’s all curl up in bed,

Play tickle monster with me,

Or  have a pillow fight instead.


Having you by my side,

Is all that I need,

To make my world perfect

And memories memorable indeed.






















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